The ship with humanitarian aid leaves for Gaza today

Screenshot 4 4 GAZA, SHIP

Today, the ship is expected to depart with the humanitarian aid to Gaza, carrying on a special platform about 150 tons of food and water, as the necessary checks of the cargo were carried out yesterday Sunday, while the exact time of the aid's departure was not announced for security reasons.

Specifically, as the Government Spokesman Constantinos Letympiotis reported yesterday to KYPE, "the departure of the cargo in accordance with the actions of the organization carrying out the mission" was expected to take place within the next few hours, however the exact time of departure is not communicated for security reasons.

He added that "the implementation of the pilot application of the Amalthea initiative is ongoing according to the original plan and in formal consultation with Israel. The necessary control of the cargo has already been carried out by the authorities of the Republic of Cyprus in accordance with all the protocols included in the planning", said Mr. Letympiotis.

He also noted that the Republic of Cyprus "is in constant contact with all the partners involved with the aim of achieving a reliable passage for unhindered delivery of humanitarian aid to the civilian population of Gaza".