A 2nd ship is expected to depart from Larnaca to Gaza tomorrow

A second ship has been in the port of Larnaca since yesterday

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A second ship has been in the port of Larnaca since yesterday, which, according to information, is expected to leave for Gaza on Friday to transport 500 tons of humanitarian aid.

According to the information, it is the ship "Jennifer" whose length is 80 meters. It arrived at the port of Larnaca from Rhodes and has the flag of Guinea Bissau.

The same information states that the ship is expected to be loaded with 500 tons of humanitarian aid which arrived from abroad by air at Larnaca Glaukos Cleridis airport and from there was transferred to a warehouse at the port of Larnaca.

The humanitarian aid that the ship Jennifer will carry includes sugar, flour, spaghetti, canned goods and milk.

According to the information, scanners were installed in the port of Larnaca, operated by specialized personnel from Israel. The necessary checks of the humanitarian aid will be done for security reasons and then the loading of the specially packed ballets will be done on the ship.

They also report that the ship is expected to depart tomorrow from the port of Larnaca and is estimated to reach Gaza in 36 hours.

Upon the ship's arrival in Gaza and due to the geomorphology of the seabed, the ship will await the completion of the unloading of the humanitarian aid carried by the "Open Arms" and the MMS ARIS platform and a humanitarian aid unloading operation will be set up from the ship Jennifer in platform and from there the humanitarian aid will be transferred to the coast.

This is because large ships cannot approach the shores of Gaza because the waters are shallow and the infrastructure expected to be built by the United States is not yet ready.

Source: KYPE