Pavlos Ioannou renounces the fee for his participation in the Research

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The Financial Commissioner Pavlos Ioannou announced that he is renouncing his fee for his participation in the Commission of Inquiry for the exceptional naturalization of investors.

In a statement, Mr. Ioannou noted that he will now return to issues of the committee "promoting transparency to inform my friends", as he states.

"Among other things, for the purpose of protecting the institution of the Financial Commissioner I serve, in a way that I have served him for seven and a half consecutive years, I unequivocally declare that I fully and definitively renounce any remuneration for the services I offer to the Passport Research Committee," he said. statement by Mr. Ioannou.

He added that "I continue to work in the Commission with dedication and zeal to carry out the task assigned to me by my appointment, in addition to the performance of the duties of the Financial Commissioner, as in the past."

"From now on, I will return often for issues of the Research Committee, promoting transparency for informing my friends", he concludes.