They testify before the Research for the naturalizations of Syllouris and Tziovanis

Syllouris and Tziovanis testify today before the Naturalization Research

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Dimitris Syllouris and Christos Tziovanis, will meet today before the Investigative Committee of the Exceptional Naturalization of Foreign Investors and Entrepreneurs. D. Syllouris and C. Tziovanis appeared in the controversial Al Jazeera video on naturalizations and resigned from the Presidency of the Parliament and the parliamentary seat, respectively, after the video was shown.

Specifically, according to an announcement of the Research Committee, at 14.30, the resigned Speaker of Parliament Dimitris Syllouris will testify before the Committee.

The resigned MP of Famagusta, Christos Tziovanis, will follow at 16.15.

The hearings will take place on the ground floor of the former Hotel "Filoxenia" in the room "Jean Monnet".

Lawyer Andreas Pittatzis, who was also due to testify today, will not do so due to personal obstruction.

Mr. Pittatzis will testify on a date to be determined later.

Source: KYPE