The members of the Research Committee say "no" to the compensation

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The decision to renounce any honorary compensation or otherwise was taken yesterday, Tuesday, by the Investigative Committee of Exceptional Naturalizations of Foreign Investors and Entrepreneurs, which informed the Attorney General orally about the said decision on the same day.

In today's announcement, the Investigative Committee, which was established following the decrees of the Attorney General of the Republic, dated 07.09.2020, 14.10.2020 and 1.12.2020, states that "it has never requested the same increase in honorary compensation in the amount of 10.000 euros per member for her entire term and nothing has been paid to date. "

"Any amount approved as honorary compensation was made on the initiative of the Attorney General of the Republic", he adds.

The Investigative Committee of Exceptional Naturalization of Foreign Investors and Entrepreneurs states that "from the beginning of its duties it has been working uninterruptedly and with absolute dedication to the task assigned to it by the Attorney General at a particularly critical time for the Republic of Cyprus" .

It adds that it perceives this duty as impartial, independent, objective and fully meets the terms of its mandate.

In view of this, the Commission of Inquiry emphasizes that "it is not possible to tolerate the distraction caused by the attempt to derail her on issues related to her honorary compensation and / or for any other reason related to its members".