216 cases of domestic violence were investigated

How many were charged, how many were arrested and what was their origin

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The Domestic Violence Ladder continues its work at the Paphos Police Department, according to Paphos Assistant Police Director Michalis Ioannou, p.adding that since February 15, 2021, which has been in operation until today, 216 cases have been investigated.

According to Mr. Ioannou, this period 239 complainants submitted their complaints, of which 142 are Cypriots and 97 foreigners. He also said that 223 people were charged, including 134 Cypriots and 89 foreigners.

106 people were also arrested, of which 52 Cypriots and 54 foreigners. A total of 42 exclusion decrees were also issued for the purpose of investigating these cases, of which 15 concern Cypriots and 25 foreigners. Restrictive conditions have also been imposed on defendants in 57 cases.

The Ladder for Domestic Violence at the Paphos Police, said Mr. Ioannou, continues to investigate these cases with personnel specialized in such cases, adding that "from his course so far he seems to be gaining trust". For this, he added, the complaints are made only in the TAE Paphos and not in the local stations as before. This went on, giving an additional incentive to the complainants, the vast majority of whom are women and children, to make their complaints and be investigated.

He added that Klimakio has the ability, with the help of other services, such as the state Social Welfare Services and the Hospitals, to offer additional assistance to the victims, so that cases can be stopped and reduced to a minimum.