Domestic violence is on the rise – 68 cases in Famagusta in two months

The Police investigated 494 cases of domestic violence in 2 months

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In just two months, in September and October 2023, the Police investigated 494 cases of domestic violence, issuing a total of 93 arrest warrants.

According to data obtained by the KYPE from the Police, 131 cases were reported in Nicosia, 135 in Limassol, 117 in Larnaca, 37 in Paphos, 68 in Famagusta and 6 in Morphou.

Besides, according to the Association for the Prevention and Treatment of Violence in the Family (SPAVO), domestic violence can happen to anyone of any nationality, age, sexual orientation, religion or gender. “It can happen to married couples, cohabiting couples or even those starting a relationship. "Domestic violence affects people from all socio-economic strata and educational levels," says an official of the Association.

It also says that abuse is a repetitive pattern of behaviors practiced to maintain power and control over a partner. These behaviors physically harm, instill fear, prevent a partner from doing what he/she wants, or force him/her to behave in ways he/she does not want, he adds.

"Abuse includes the use of physical and sexual violence, intimidation and threats, emotional abuse and financial deprivation. Many of these different forms of abuse can happen at any time," she notes.

Increasing trend of cases of domestic violence

The increasing course of reports of incidents of domestic violence is a given over the last four years, according to data provided by SPAVO.

Specifically, in 2019 there were 1.384 incidents, in 2020 2.147, in 2021 2.854, in 2022 3.122 while from the beginning of 2023 until October 2.550 were recorded.

It is noted that the Association's Help Desk has received 914 calls so far.

At the Women's House 387 cases were served, 45 cases received legal advice and there were 12 requests for legal aid. 317 women and 437 children were accommodated in SPAVO premises. According to the same data, 90% of the perpetrators were Cypriots.

Physical and psychological violence was practiced in 69%, physical, psychological and sexual violence in 5%, physical, psychological and financial violence in 19%, while all forms account for 7%.

The perpetrator-victim relationship was spouses in 43% of cases, cohabitants 32%, ex-spouses 6%, adult child to parent 3%, roommates 1%, parents to adult child 2%, stepfather 1%, spouse/cohabitant mother-in-law 4 %, siblings 1%, employer 1%, former partner/cohabitant 5%,

Of the cases addressed to the SPAVO call center, the victim has Cypriot citizenship in 67%, 68% the victim lives with the perpetrator, 66% the perpetrator has Cypriot citizenship, 62% there are minors in the family, 35% of the minors were directly subjected to violence, 62% watch the violence.

Of the calls, the victim's case was known to the Police in 37%, the victim's case was known to Social Welfare Services 29%, the victim had no previous involvement with a government agency 34%.

The forms of violence against children are psychological violence in 41%, physical violence 26%, sexual violence 0,5%, neglect 8%, child witnesses 80% and a combination of forms 38%.

Source: KYPE