Foreigners on a farm lived in miserable conditions – The employers were arrested

Seven foreigners were working hard on a farm

Screenshot 23 foreigners, FARM

A new case of human trafficking for the purpose of labor exploitation was referred to the Nicosia Criminal Court yesterday, with seven foreigners as victims. Two persons, aged 40 and 45, are accused in the case, as well as the company of the above persons.

The investigation of the case began last October 2023, following the evaluation of relevant information by the Office for Combating Trafficking in Persons.

As part of the investigation, an organized operation was carried out on the premises of a goat and sheep farm, where the seven foreigners were located. From the initial examinations, signs of their victimization were identified and therefore they were transferred with the assistance of the Social Welfare Services to a safe place for the purpose of their protection and safety.

The victims in their statements allegedly reported on inappropriate living conditions, excessive and exhausting working hours, non-payment of overtime compensation, non-allowance of day off and withholding of their personal documents by their employer.

The case was set for trial on 21/3/2024, while the two defendants remain free on parole.

The case was investigated by the Office for Combating Trafficking in Persons.