Missing Persons Investigation Committee: Received financial support of € 2,7 million from donations

Who are the three donors of the CMP

doc.20151009 .1274520 .mass 2 photo 1 Commission of Inquiry for the Missing, donations

Donations totaling € 2.775.000 were received by the Commission of Inquiry on Missing Persons (CMP) from three donors, the European Union, the Federal Republic of Germany and the Turkish Cypriot community.

Specifically, from the EU, which is the largest donor of CMP, the Commission received for 2022 the amount of € 2,6 million in total, the EU. has contributed € 33,3 million to the CMP since its inception in 2006.

Respectively, the donation of Germany for 2022 amounted to € 100.000, while the total amount of its sponsorships to the CMP since 2006, amounts to € 800.000.

The Turkish Cypriot Community has offered the amount of € 75.000 to the CMP for 2022, while the total amount of its sponsorships since 2006, amounts to € 508.000.

According to an announcement by the CMP, this fund will strengthen in 2022 its work for the Exhumation, Identification and Return of the remains of the missing in Cyprus, with the aim of locating and returning the remains of the missing and ending the uncertainty that affects families for so many years.

According to the CMP announcement, 1.023 missing persons from both communities have been located and returned to their families, so far.

The CMP, which is based on the support provided by the sponsors for the implementation of its bi-communal project, expressed its gratitude to all the donors.