"I've been sleeping in the car for two years now - I wish I could rent a house"

Loizos is a peaceful man, without dreams and goals ...

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Article: Christiana Dionysiou / ANT1

«I am wandering and homeless… ». The condition of our 48-year-old compatriot is dramatic.

Loizos Iakovou was born in the village of Louvara in the province of Limassol. He is divorced and the father of three minor children. He suffers from psychological problems and has no home. For the last two years he has been sleeping in the car.

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The first aid staff of the Limassol General Hospital is his only consolation and companion. He has parked his vehicle near the Hospital.

He is a peaceful man, without dreams and goals. He treats everyone well and does not keep any evil in him. He has his own rules of life and has always learned to smile.

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"I wish I could rent a house…

With the allowance I receive (YYYY) I can not rent a house. It is only 450 euros. I also give this money to my children. I have little left, so I do not have a single euro by the end of the month. How can I rent a house. Imagine, I pay 10 euros each time in a hotel to be able to enter a room and take a bath " reports Loizos on Ant1.com.cy.

As for his food, as he said, he relies on the alms and humanity of the world.

The homeless man states that all he is asking for is a house to stop living in his car.