Greece: Homeless died from the cold on the sidewalk

He died helpless, on a sidewalk in Thessaloniki, at noon on Tuesday

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Shame is the death of a homeless man who ended up on Tuesday from the polar cold brought by the bad weather "Hope" in the "heart" of Thessaloniki.

The man died helpless, on the sidewalk of Aristotelous Street, at noon on Tuesday.

According to information from thestival, the unfortunate man was stopped due to hypothermic shock from the cold.

A White Tower police officer approached him to ask if he needed anything. He found out that he was unconscious and called EKAB. Without waiting for a moment, he started the process of cardiopulmonary resuscitation on his own.

Within a few minutes, the EKAB ambulance, an ambulance and a mobile unit arrived at the scene. The 60-year-old was intubated on the spot by the unit's doctor and transported to the emergency room of Papageorgiou Hospital, where the resuscitation effort continued. Unfortunately, the doctors were unable to keep him alive.

Source: edaily