Eurobarometer: 50% of Cypriots say they will vote in the European elections

The reasons why Cypriots vote

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Only 50% of the respondents in Cyprus state that they intend to vote in the European elections in June, a percentage that is the smallest among the member states, well below the average (68%), and at a great distance from the first country (Denmark with 86%), according to the European Parliament's new Eurobarometer published on Wednesday.

However, 67% of respondents in Cyprus (72% in the EU) believe that the country has benefited from joining the EU, and 87% of Cypriot citizens (70% in the EU) believe that EU action has an impact on everyday life their.

Regarding the image of the EU, in Cyprus 41% have a positive image of the EU, 33% have a neutral image and 25% have a negative image. At EU level, 45% of respondents have a positive image of the Union, 38% neutral and 16% negative.

According to the results of the survey, the main reasons chosen by Cypriots to vote in the European elections are the support of a political party, the support of a specific candidate and their duty as citizens. As priorities for the European Parliament, Cypriots choose public health, the economy and job creation, and the fight against poverty and social exclusion.

The new Parlemeter 2023 survey was carried out by the research organization Verian (formerly Kantar Public) between 25 September and 19 October 2023 and in the 27 EU Member States, with a sample of 26.523 people, with personal interviews as well as video interviews in Denmark, Finland and in Malta. The EU results were weighted according to the size of the population in each country.

In Cyprus, the survey was carried out between September 28 and October 15, 2023 with a sample of 504 people and personal interviews.

The comparisons and changes recorded refer to the last Eurobarometer carried out in March 2023.

"During these last five years, we have listened to Europe's needs and the European Parliament has achieved important victories," European Parliament President Roberta Metzola said in a statement on the occasion of the publication of the survey.

"We fight against poverty, social exclusion and climate change, but also to create jobs and defend EU values ​​such as democracy, human rights and freedom of speech," he added.

“But democracy can never be taken for granted. We must protect and preserve it by voting. Every vote in the upcoming European elections matters", concluded Ms Metsola.

The reasons why Cypriots vote

When asked about the reasons for which they would vote in the European elections, the Cypriot respondents evaluated as the first criterion the support of a political party (54%, compared to 37% in the EU). This is followed by support for a particular candidate (52%, compared to 23% in the EU) and their duty as citizens (45%, compared to 36% in the EU).

At the EU level, the first criterion is the support of a political party (37%), followed by the respondents' duty as citizens (36%) and the habit of voting in elections (34%, compared to 31% in Cyprus).

Of interest in the case of Cyprus are the changes in the results of the survey in September - October compared to the last measurements in March. During this period, support for a political party as a criterion decreased by 4 percentage points, respondents' duty as citizens decreased by 7 percentage points, while the intention to change things by voting in the European elections decreased by 13 percentage points (to 21%, approaching EU average found at 27% with a slight increase of 2 percentage points).

At the same time, in Cyprus, the intention to support the country's Government increased as a criterion (by 7 percentage points to 24%, compared to 17% in the EU) and the intention to express dissatisfaction (by 3 percentage points to 14% compared to 21% in the EU) where the percentage remained stable), while the percentage of those who want to express their support for the EU has decreased (by 3 percentage points to 9%, compared to 20% in the EU with a slight decrease of 1 percentage point).

Where should the European Parliament prioritize?

Regarding the priorities to which the Cypriot respondents think the European Parliament should give priority, first comes public health (50%, 34% in the EU), followed by the economy and job creation (43%, 29% in the EU ) and the fight against poverty and social exclusion (42%, 36% in the EU).

At EU level, political priorities for EU citizens are the fight against poverty (36%), public health (34%) and climate change and supporting the economy (29%, 20% in Cyprus).

Compared to March, immigration and asylum (-10 percentage points to 23%, compared to +3 percentage points to 18% in the EU) and the fight against poverty and social exclusion (- 6 percentage points), while the percentage of those who consider humanitarian and development aid a priority increased significantly (+9 percentage points to 22%, compared to staying at 16% in the EU).

Decrease in standard of living

As can be seen from the policy priorities, socio-economic difficulties continue to affect many Europeans, despite the fact that indicators have improved slightly over the past six months.

73% of respondents in the EU (down 6 percentage points from spring 2023) believe their standard of living will fall in the coming year. 37% struggle to pay bills some or most of the time.

The corresponding percentage recorded in Cyprus is lower, at 20%. At the same time, 88% in Cyprus believe that their standard of living will decrease significantly in the next period.

Source: KYPE