European elections: She went to stand as a candidate without being registered in the electoral roll

Her request was denied

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A total of 63 nominations were submitted on Wednesday for the European elections of June 9, 2024, as part of the process, which took place at the "Filoxenia" Conference Center in Nicosia. As reported after the completion of the process by the General Commissioner of Elections, Elikkos Ilias, 61 of the candidates are running for election through party combinations and the other two as independent individual candidates.

The Chief Electoral Officer stated that the process of submitting nominations for the nomination of the six Cypriot MEPs was successfully completed and that it ran smoothly, without problems.

Mr. Ilias noted that three Turkish Cypriot citizens of the Republic of Cyprus are among the candidates. He also stated that 45 people, i.e. 71% of the candidates, are men, while 18 people, 29%, are women.

Asked if it is true that a woman came to submit a candidacy, but who was not registered in the electoral roll, Mr. Ilias confirmed the fact. "We studied her candidacy and she, after we explained to her, accepted that she could not have been a candidate and fortunately this issue also went smoothly", said Mr. Ilias in his answer.

He then explained that according to the provisions of the law, a period of 24 hours is provided, that is until 12:30 on Thursday, April 25, 2024, for the submission of any objections against any nomination, for the reasons stated in the Law. He said objections can be submitted to his office at the Ministry of Home Affairs.