"Bell" 8000 euros in a supermarket for non-compliance with measures

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Fines from 500 to 8000 euros were imposed in the last 24 hours on those responsible for non-compliance with the measures against the spread of the coronavirus.

A total of 2700 checks were carried out and 30 citizens and the people in charge of 4 premises were reported, as a representative of the Communication Branch of the Police Headquarters stated to KYPE.

In Nicosia, a fine of 4000 euros was imposed in a supermarket because a customer was allowed to enter it without safepass, a fine of 750 euros in a fruit shop because there was no person to control safepasses and a fine of 8000 euros in a supermarket because an employee was allowed to work without safepass .

In Paphos, a substantial fine of 500 euros was imposed because 3 employees and the person in charge worked without a mask, while the person in charge did not have a safe pass and there were no markings based on the law on disinfection.

In Nicosia, 1.071 inspections were carried out with complaints from 13 citizens and those in charge of 3 premises. In Limassol, the Police carried out 199 checks and reported 7 citizens. In Larnaca, 587 checks were carried out and 2 citizens were reported. In Paphos, 118 inspections were carried out and 2 citizens and the person in charge of 1 premises were reported.

In Famagusta, the Police carried out 514 checks and reported 6 citizens. In Morfou, 84 inspections were carried out without any complaints. The Traffic Police carried out 101 checks without reporting anyone.

The Port and Maritime Police also carried out 26 checks without any complaints.