Classification of new collectors: In the final stretch

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The recruitment of new recruits for 2020 has entered the final stretch, as on July 10, those who were suspended due to health problems, were abroad or attended a seven-grade school last year at KEN Larnaca will be classified.

Today, as noted by the Spokesman of the Ministry of Defense Christos Pieris, in the presence of the Minister of Defense as well as members of the Defense Committee, all the data of the recruits were passed to the electronic selection system, which essentially placed all recruits in Units according to the National Guard. the wishes of a Preference Guard, Weapon or Corps they wish.

He also clarified that no one has access to this information, saying characteristically that "the first to learn its position will be the recruit on the day of the ranking".

From there, as soon as they complete their physical / medical examination and turn on the "green light" to serve the new recruit, then the security installed in the system will be "unlocked", and the Unit that will serve will be shown on the computer. every soldier.

Then the Travel Sheet will be issued and leaving the crews will be waiting for National Guard vehicles which will transport them to their Unit. This will apply from the very first day of registration.

Regarding the percentage of satisfaction of the requests of the new recruits based on their choices, Mr. Pieris stated that "75% are satisfied with one of the three options". It is recalled that the three options concerned Preference Guard, Weapons or Corps. "Most of the national guards will serve near their home," Pierre said.

Source: Ant1