Occupied: Purchased PCR and rapid test, worth 1,2 million euros, from Turkey

The Turkish Medical Association calls on the "government" to take measures to reduce the transmission of the virus.

KATEXOMENA KORONOIOS PCR, rapid test, Occupied, Turkey

Molecular control and antigen test, worth 18,2 million TL (approximately 1,2 million euros) was bought by the pseudo-state from Turkey, corresponding to 350.000 PCR and 300.00 rapid test.

As reported in the occupied territories, this is a total of 650.00 tests from the company USHAŞ which is under the Turkish Ministry of Health. In the decision of the "cabinet", as published in the "state newspaper", the payment for 200.000 PCR will be made in dollars, 576.000 dollars, which are in the budget for the treatment of the coronavirus and the rest in TL at a subsidized price with the help of Turkish Republic, as reported.

Meanwhile, in a statement, the Turkish Medical Association expresses its opposition to the decision of the "highest committee of infectious diseases" of the "Ministry of Education" to return to work nurses and health professionals who are contacts but do not show symptoms, saying that their concern is not to stick but in a healthy way to serve patients who go to the hospital for treatment. He called on the "government" to take measures to reduce the spread of the virus in high-risk activities.

He notes that the Omicron mutation is spreading as there is no control over compliance with the measures based on the health decrees.