Seven crews are searching for bones of missing persons in occupied and free areas

There are difficulties at work because the area has changed a lot since 1974 and there are new buildings

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Seven crews are currently searching for the bones of missing Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, in the occupied and free areas.

As reported to KYPE by the office of the Deputy Representative to the DEA, one crew works in occupied Nicosia, in the wider area of ​​the prisons.

In 2015, two graves with the bones of a total of 30 people were found in the area, which were identified. There is also information about a third grave and work is being done there. As mentioned in KYPE, there are difficulties in the work because the area has changed a lot since 1974 and there are new buildings.

The information refers to soldiers buried there from the Nicosia area.

In the occupied Karavas, a well is being excavated but to no avail, and the workshop is about to be moved to another area, in the occupied Lapithos.

An excavation effort in Kythrea was also without finds.

As KYPE is informed, efforts continue with another workshop in Aloa. An exhumation took place there and bones corresponding to 31 people were found in the past and the work continues.

In the occupied Trachonas, efforts are also continuing and so far bones corresponding to a face have been identified.

Work has also continued in mountainous Lapithos since December 2023 when a bone fragment was detected.

In the free areas, a crew is working in Kalavasos on two wells, where there is information about missing T/k.

Source: KYPE