34-year-old wanted burglar handcuffed – He tried to escape to the occupied

They pelted him with burglary tools as well as property

police burglar, Occupied

The Paphos Police arrested a 34-year-old man on Monday in Paphos to facilitate investigations for an investigated case of burglary of an apartment, illegal possession of property and possession of burglary tools.

According to Paphos Assistant Police Director of Operations Michalis Nikolaou, on 22.1.24 a 47-year-old resident of Paphos reported that the alarm system of an apartment located in Paphos and belonging to her sister, who was abroad, had sounded shortly before.

Afterwards, the 47-year-old went to her sister's apartment and it was found that it had been broken into and the safe had been moved, but allegedly due to her arrival, the perpetrator abandoned it and ran away.

From examinations carried out by the Police in the area, they identified a rental car, which appeared to have been rented by a 34-year-old permanent resident of Cyprus.

The surveillance circuit of the burgled apartment was further inspected and the 34-year-old was allegedly seen.

The rental vehicle was taken to the Paphos Police, searched and various burglary tools were found inside it, as well as property suspected of being stolen.

An arrest warrant was issued against the 34-year-old for burglary, illegal possession of property, and possession of burglary tools and he was wanted.

Yesterday 5.2.24 at 14:00 in the afternoon the 34-year-old presented himself at the Ledra roadblock in Nicosia with the intention of going to the occupied areas.

During the passport control, it was found that what was wanted was found.

He was arrested and when he was investigated, Mr. Nikolaou told KYPE, various burglary tools were found in his possession as well as property suspected of being stolen.

Afterwards, he was immediately re-arrested for possession of burglary tools and other illegal property and was detained at the detention center of the Paphos Prison.

The examinations are continuing on the case by the TAE Paphos.

Source: KYPE