Kostrikis for vandalism: "I will not stop talking, it will not scare me" (VIDEO)

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The Professor of Molecular Virology and Member of the Advisory Scientific Committee of the Ministry of Health, Dr. spoke about the vandalism in his vehicle on the SIGMA show "Mesimeri kai Kati". Leontios Kostrikis.

As he said, he will not pay much attention to the fact which he characterized as unfortunate.

The TAE is handling the case and is on a very good path, he said, noting that the investigations are on a very good path and material was taken from his vehicle and from cameras in the neighborhood.

They have determined the direction in which the research should focus, I think they will find them, he added.

Asked to comment if he is scared, Mr. Kostrikis said that he is not going to worry if they will destroy a car, "let them destroy it if they want, but I will continue to do my job. This thing is not going to scare me. "

"These things do not help, what are they waiting for? Tell them okay you destroyed the car, now will I stop talking? "This will never happen," he said.

Source: Sigmalive