Kostrikis: Are we at the end of the pandemic? (VIDEO)

"We are at the end of the pandemic wave - Declaring the virus endemic"

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It seems that we are at the end of the current wave of the pandemic, according to what the professor of molecular virology and genetics Leontios Kostrikis stated in Active and in the show Agenda, since, as he said, we are at the peak of the epidemiological indicators. The virus reproduction indices are close to 1 and are going down, he said, while in the next two weeks this curve will go down even more.

For his part, Mr. Kostrikis noted that the state should gradually begin to de-dramatize the situation with the pandemic, since the number of cases is reduced and the hospitals are not under increased pressure. It is a good opportunity, he said, for everyone to think together, collectively, the state, the health authorities, the scientists, to declare the virus endemic. It is, he said, a big decision. It's not an easy case.

At the same time, Mr. Kostrikis referred to the study conducted in his laboratory regarding Deltacron, explaining that it was an academic initiative from the University of Cyprus to the Ministry of Health which adopted it for public health purposes. According to him, a competition followed and a specific company was selected by the Ministry of Health to conduct the sequences from the samples, which in coordination with the Ministry of Health are collected from sampling centers, hospitals, airports on a weekly basis and the sequencing is done with the latest technology. Subsequently, the final sequences explained are sent to the laboratory of the University of Cyprus for a thorough phylogenetic, phylogenetic and genetic analysis of the sequences and a weekly report is written to the Ministry of Health.

Mr. Kostrikis referred to the process of locating Deltacron, while he responded to what Professor Majorkinis attributes to him, from whom, as he said, since he knows personally, he would expect to ask him for the details of the study that is being carried out regarding Deltacron.