Dr. Kostrikis: When does he expect the wave to disappear - "The beginning of the end ..."

Optimistic messages for the end of the pandemic were sent today by Dr. Leontios Kostrikis

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Optimistic messages for the end of the pandemic were sent today by Dr. Leontios Kostrikis, invited to Mesimeri kai Kati.

Initially referring to the mutation, Omicron said it was a wave of the epidemic with a strain that is highly contagious, and specifically stated that it is the most contagious we have seen to date. At the same time, Dr. Kostrikis spoke about the disappearance of this wave within the next 3 weeks.

"It started from South Africa and entered many European countries and Cyprus. By December 19 it was about 31% of infections in Cyprus. Tomorrow we will know the results until Christmas. I estimate that by the end of the year and the first days of January it will peak, ie it will reach almost 100% of new infections.

My calculations say that we will have this wave drop in three weeks. "We see this in South Africa, fast curve up fast curve down" said Dr. Kostrikis.

He later stressed that people should not confuse the contagion of the virus with morbidity.

He went on to say, "There are increased indications abroad that show that although the virus is highly contagious, these infections do not lead to hospitalization.

"This virus infects the upper respiratory tract. It does not affect the lungs, so it does not cause pneumonia."

In closing he sent his own optimistic message, "This variant was probably the variant that British scientists hoped for in early 2020 to create herd immunity. "It's probably the beginning of the end for herd's immunity.".