Kostrikis: The high number of infections puts pressure on the health system

The final decisions and announcements will be made on Friday, according to Leontios Kostrikis

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Leontios Kostrikis neither confirms nor denies the scenarios that are circulating for the new restrictive measures against the coronavirus that the Government will announce the day after tomorrow, Friday, however he considers it a given that they will be valid for the holiday season as well. Speaking to Active, the Professor of Molecular Virology at the University of Cyprus limited himself to saying that with a quorum of the Scientific Group and in the presence of Ministers, but also of the President of the Republic, a thorough discussion took place on many issues, however final decisions will be made and announced next Friday.

Asked about the epidemiological picture, Mr. Kostrikis said that in his personal opinion the situation is stable, but serious. "There are a lot more diagnostic tests - maybe twice as many as before - and it makes sense to find more infections," he said. What should be of concern, according to Mr. Kostrikis, is the fact that the numbers of infections are high and a percentage of these infections will end up in hospitals and intensive care units, which puts pressure on the health system.

The situation in the hospitals, according to the Professor, is expected to worsen due to the seasonal flu that usually starts in mid-December, although he expressed optimism that due to the application of the general use of the mask, the flu may be milder this year.

Mr. Kostrikis also stated that hospital beds should not be given only to patients with Covid-19. "We are very concerned and there is a lot of discussion about how hospitals and ICUs can be decongested, in order to be able to handle other cases besides the coronavirus," said Mr. Kostrikis.

In relation to the measures that are expected to be announced, Mr. Kostrikis considers it a given that they will also apply for the duration of the holidays. "We have to be careful to be able to maintain an epidemiological picture not of eradicating the virus, but of a well-managed picture until the vaccine is possible," he said.

Regarding vaccines, he said that the first ones may arrive in Cyprus in December, but the vaccinations will be done in the new year and the vaccination program will take a few months as the vaccines will be given in two doses.

Source: philenews