One death and almost 2 thousand new cases were announced by the Ministry of Health

Of the 146 coronavirus patients treated, 31 are in serious condition

Corona Virus

The Ministry of Health announces that today, March 1 2022:

- It was announced 1 death

- It's about:

  • A 82-year-old man who died on March 1

- Total number of deaths with final cause of the disease COVID-19: 857.

-       146 patients COVID-19 are hospitalized in OKYPY hospitals

-       31 in serious condition (ICU: 1 out of ventilator / 13 intubated, MAF: 17)

- Percentage of patients without a history of vaccination: 58,22%

-       19 Patients who have ceased to be infectious continue to be treated intubated for COVID in an Intensive Care Unit.

Diagnostic examinations:

- They took place in total 102.159 diagnostic examinations

- They were located 1.986 new cases (set of cases 324.502).

- Position rate in all exams 1,94%

Total number of molecular tests (PCR):

- They took place 6.740 molecular tests

- They emerged  310positive incidents

- Position of positivity 4,6%

Total number of rapid antigen detection tests (fastTest):

- They were carried out 95.419 rapid antigen detection tests

- They emerged 1.676 positive incidents

- Position of positivity 1,76%


- They were carried out 418 molecular tests and were detected 38 positive events (percentage of positivity 9,09%)

- They were carried out 613 rapid antigen detection tests and detected  42 positive events (percentage of positivity 6,85%)

Private initiative:

- They were carried out 1.566 molecular tests were identified 196 positive events (percentage of positivity 12,52%)

- They were carried out 41.188 rapid antigen detection tests were detected 1.052 positive events (percentage of positivity 2,55%)

Through the programs of the Ministry of Health were carried out 54.231 rapid antigen detection test. They were located 624 positive incidents.

- Sampling points: 14.660 rapid detection tests were detected 392 positive events (percentage of positivity 2,67%)


- Primary Education: 21.054 rapid antigen detection tests were detected 69 positive events (percentage of positivity 0,33%)

- Secondary Education: 11.910 rapid detection tests were detected 72 positive events (percentage of positivity 0,6%)

- Test-to-Stay: performed 3.893 rapid antigen detection tests and detected 40 positive events (percentage of positivity 1,03%)


- Nursing homes: conducted 1.084 rapid antigen detection tests were detected 6 positive events (percentage of positivity 0,55%)

- Closed structures: carried out 175 rapid antigen detection tests were detected 2 new incidents (percentage of positivity 1,14%).

- Government Services: performed 842 rapid antigen detection test and detected 1 positive incident (percentage of positivity 0,12%)


The figures mentioned in the announcement are indicative and may vary based on the final and up-to-date data sent in the context of the National Epidemiological Risk Report published every second Friday.