New platform for virtual travel - How to "go" everywhere from home

It is called Geo virtual fieldtrips and is an alternative way of navigating an area of ​​particular geological interest.

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It is called Geo virtual fieldtrips and is an alternative way of navigating an area of ​​particular geological interest. The journey knows no borders and hides adventure.

Using digital cartography and the tools and capabilities offered by Geo virtual fieldtrips technology, any internet user can "visit" any point of interest, without actually being there. It is more than just a presentation of images and slides.

Photos, videos, and satellite imagery, both in two and three dimensions, take users to virtually any part of the world.

They are very easy to use and accessible from any device with internet connection, such as a personal computer, a tablet or a mobile phone.

Geo virtual fieldtrips: The platform that "travels" you everywhere

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The Professor of the Department of Geology and Geoenvironment Niki Evelpidou, the General Manager of EAGME Tsokos Andreas and the Deputy General Project Manager Goutis Dionysios created the Geo virtual fieldtrips platform which includes virtual geological areas of Greece and Cyprus.

Using digital tools and geographic data, virtual tour leads to an understanding of geology, tectonics, geomorphology and focuses on different environments each time.

It is possible to plan and prepare a real trip, as well as select specific locations to visit. The Geo virtual fieldtrips platform was initially started for students and researchers, but in the process was enriched with virtual tours for primary and secondary schools which took advantage of the new opportunities given to them.

The above effort is a partnership of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, the Hellenic Authority for Geological and Mineral Research, the Geotechnical Chamber of Greece and the Association of Greek Geologists.

The platform is freely accessible to the public and is aimed at geoscientists, teachers and students, but also to all environmentalists who wish to explore the special features of areas of interest.

Source: RES - EIA