The autopsy of the 52-year-old who was in self-restraint was completed

For the past four days she has been complaining that her cough and chest pain had worsened

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Samples for histopathological examinations were taken during the autopsy of the 52-year-old, who was in self-limitation for coronavirus and was found dead by her son on Wednesday afternoon, at her residence in Paphos.

According to the Spokesperson of the Paphos Police Directorate and Head of the Paphos Police, Michalis Nikolaou, "The autopsy was recently completed at the Nicosia General Hospital Mortuary", adding that "it was performed by the government medical examiner Nikolas Charalambous in the presence of the medical examiner Marios Matsakis on behalf of the family".

Mr. Nikolaou stated that samples were taken from the body of the 52-year-old which will be sent for histopathological examinations, in order to determine the exact cause of her death.

Referring to the history of the death of the 52-year-old, Mr. Nikolaou said that On November 29, the 52-year-old underwent a Covid-19 test as she was in contact with a colleague in the supermarket where she worked and was found to be positive.

The 52-year-old, who lived alone, put herself in self-restraint, however, she had regular contact with her relatives, saying that she was in good health. For the past four days she had complained that her cough and chest pain had worsened, but she felt that she did not need any other examination or treatment.