What did the autopsy show on the body of the 8-year-old Kaisariani who "died" in Makarios

The prescribed autopsy on the body of the 8-year-old Kaissariani was completed

Copy of Copy of Copy of Main Image x2 Kaisariani Piripitsi, Makarios Hospital, Mortuary

The scheduled autopsy on the body of 8-year-old Kaissariani Piripitsi, who died while being hospitalized at Makarios Hospital last Saturday (20/04), has been completed.

In the autopsy which was carried out by the medical examiner, Angeliki Papetta and the Orthodox Orthodox in the presence of Marios Matsakis, samples were taken for histopathological tests that will demonstrate the exact cause of death.

The autopsy confirmed that the 8-year-old had a damaged kidney, lung dysfunction, organ failure and possible sepsis.
It is recalled that for the death of 8-year-old Kaissariani, the family complained of medical negligence.