Double Deadly – ​​The Autopsy Findings

Autopsies were performed on the bodies of the two victims

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Autopsies were performed on the bodies of the two victims who were crushed by a harvester on Monday afternoon (11/7) in a rural area of ​​Stroubi community during agricultural work.

According to the autopsy findings, the death of 62-year-old Panikos Ioannidis was caused by hemorrhagic shock as a result of multiple injuries to his body and vital organs. The death of 53-year-old Nikos Dimosthenos was caused by suffocation as a result of being crushed by an agricultural machine as well as multiple injuries to his body and vital organs.

The autopsies were performed by medical examiners Angeliki Papetta and Orthodoxos orthodoxos.

How the fatal happened

The two heads of the family lost their lives while harvesting grain in a rural area of ​​the village of Stroumbi. Shortly after 3 pm, a reaper crushed its operator Nikos Dimosthenous, 53, from the village of Innia, and 62-year-old Panikos Ioannidis from the village of Stroumbi.

According to the information collected by the Police and the Department of Labor Inspection, the operator of the machine was harvesting a field of grain belonging to the 62-year-old firefighter, who was on pre-service leave. The field was divided into terraces due to the height difference.

When they finished the harvest, after all the terraces were harvested, in the attempt of the operator to enter the main road of Stroubiou-Kathika, loaded with the wheat of the field, the heavy agricultural machine overturned on a rural uphill road, as a result of which the operator was crushed of him as well as the owner of the field.

It is still unknown if the latter was inside the vehicle or outside it. The 62-year-old man was found dead outside the vehicle, while the mower operator was found inside the cab of the overturned mower and had to be extricated by the Fire Service.

Demosthenus and Ioannidis leave behind husbands and two adult children each.