They took to the streets to collect unpaid fines

They executed 6.558 fine warrants in 38 days.

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What the Police did not do in the past, they did in 38 days. He executed 6.558 fine warrants with amounts collected in excess of one million euros.

Following the Auditor General's report last October, according to which in December 2020, 284.443 warrants were pending with the Police for execution, with 91.450 debtors, with the value of the warrants reaching € 284,4 million, two meetings were held where the procedure changed collection. In particular, the Minister of Justice convened meetings, appointed a responsible officer and decided to give a boost to those who owe large sums and to those who are known but are declared undetected.

According to information from the Police, from the 25th of October when the new instructions were given to the collectors of the warrants until the 3rd of December, a total of 6.558 warrants were executed issued by the courts and concerning the amount of € 1.136.859, amount not at all negligible considering that previously the amounts collected were much less. Most warrants were executed in the province of Limassol where during the above period 2.285 warrants were considered enforceable and the amount of 295.884 euros was collected. Nicosia follows with the orders that were executed amounting to 1.562 and the amount collected to reach € 372.674. The third province to execute warrants was Larnaca, which records 1.174 executable warrants for the amount of € 185.491, followed by Paphos, with 1.084 warrants executed and flowing into state coffers of € 186.685. Fifth province is Famagusta with 364 warrants for the amount of € 74.403 and last due to population the province of Morphou where 89 warrants were executed and € 21.720 were collected. 

As it was said in "F", the Police will intensify its efforts to execute as many pending warrants as possible and will continue to turn its attention to people who are able to pay the fines and to date for various reasons have managed to escape . According to the findings of the Audit Office, there were debtors, police officers, court clerks or civil servants who owed different amounts and no attempt was made to pay them. Also among the politically exposed persons against whom fines were pending were three deputies.

Measures are also taken at airports so that if a debtor travels abroad, it can be checked whether fines are pending against him and he is required to pay them before leaving.