Prosecution of persons responsible for the cases of patients with cataracts

The eight patients suffered serious complications due to infection by a highly resistant pseudomonas strain after cataract surgery in a private hospital.

The day before yesterday, the file regarding the complaints from patients who underwent cataract surgery in a private hospital was returned to the Legal Service by the Police.

According to information from "F" from police sources, initially the file of TAE Nicosia, which investigated the complaints and was very voluminous, had been handed over to the Legal Service for study and instructions, at the beginning of last November. After examining the investigative material and the testimonies gathered, the Legal Service sent back to the Police the file with instructions such as receiving an explanatory statement and taking some other actions regarding the case. The requests were executed by the Police and the day before yesterday the file was forwarded back to the Legal Service for final instructions.

As "F" wrote, In its conclusion, the Police suggests the criminal prosecution of specific persons who are responsible for the condition of the patients after they underwent cataract surgery. Specifically, responsibilities are attributed to doctors and other persons. Investigators in the case have gathered evidence that shows alleged negligence on the part of those involved. The entire testimony is summarized in seven box files with testimonies and other data gathered in one year of research. 

As it is known, The eight patients, who underwent cataract surgery at a private hospital in Nicosia and were treated at a second private clinic in Limassol, presented with serious complications due to an infection by a multi-resistant strain of pseudomonas and were rushed to the hospital in Makareio. Five of the patients who underwent surgery lost their eyesight and all three had 80% vision loss. One patient died relatively shortly after surgery and another a year later.

It is noted that an investigation into the incident was conducted by the Ministry of Health and the Department of Labor Inspection. Involved in the case were involved who did not admit that they have any responsibility.