Proposal for extension of measures until the end of April

Coronavirus, Interministerial, extension, restrictive measures

The proposal such as the restrictive measures taken for the coronavirus, to be extended until the end of April, was adopted at today's meeting by the Interministerial. At the same time, according to information from philenews, there was a suggestion that the celebration of Easter take place on May 27.

According to RIK, in a meeting held today between the competent Ministers and the epidemiological unit with the President of the Republic, the events so far were briefed and a proposal was submitted to extend the restrictive measures until the end of the month.

All the above suggestions and measures are expected to be approved at a meeting of the Minister on Wednesday.

The issue of citizens' compliance was also discussed at the meeting and it was stated that the prevailing image is positive.

As for the course of the coronavirus, it was said that it is too early to draw safe conclusions, with the scientists emphasizing that they need another 15 days.

Finally, it was stressed that for Paphos and Arradipou it seems that the results so far are good.

Source: philenews