Safe pass: When they expire and what restrictions exist in each category

Everyday are the questions of many regarding what exactly applies to safe passes

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Everyday are the questions of many regarding what exactly applies to safe passes. The protocols of the Ministry of Health are often reviewed and citizens are often confused about what to do.

There are differences regarding the safe pass of individuals with one dose, two doses and the 3rd booster dose, while at the same time the duration of the safe pass of patients has been reduced.


Those who have not received any vaccine dose may not enter restaurants, cafes or bars.

They can enter shops, malls, supermarkets and pharmacies with the safe pass demonstration.

Children 12 years and older are required to have a safe pass (test or vaccine).

There are no restrictions for children under 6.

Safe pass sick

According to the Ministry of Health, from January 31, the time period of the disease certificate is reduced by covid-19 from 6 months to 3 months.

However, this measure does not only affect those who become ill from January 31 onwards, but also those who have been ill before.

That is, if someone has fallen ill on December 30, the certificate of illness will not be for 6 months, so until June 28 (180 days), but for 3 months (90 days), ie until March 28.

Check those who have taken a dose of the vaccine

The CovScan app will check the number of people who have had a dose of the vaccine and there will be the addition of a new category, purple, which will indicate to those in charge that the person has a dose, so he needs to indicate a negative laboratory test.

So you need two QR codes to check. One will be for the one-dose vaccination, which during the test will give a purple color, and the other will be of the negative test.

Those who have two doses of vaccine

As of December 18, the decision of the Council of Ministers enters into force, by which the persons for whom the period of 7 months has passed from the second dose of the vaccine for the two-dose vaccine and one dose for the single-dose vaccine, for SafePass purposes should undergo a 72-hour PCR laboratory test or a 48-hour rapid antigen detection test for individuals 18 years of age and older.

It is noted, however, that the Rapid test will be provided free of charge through the sampling points of the Ministry of Health.

Thus, unlike people who have not been vaccinated, these people will be allowed to enter social events, such as weddings, christenings and restaurants within the hotel, and indoor and outdoor stadiums, theaters, cinemas, theaters, music and dance centers , nightclubs and restaurants with the necessary condition to have a negative result of PCR laboratory test or Rapid test for rapid antigen detection.

In addition, the weekly examination with rapid test for work purposes is provided.

Vaccine booster dose

Those who have been vaccinated with the 3rd dose of the coronavirus vaccine can enter the treatment area without having to undergo a 72-hour PCR laboratory test or a 48-hour rapid antigen detection test.