They left a 9-year-old out of school - Ms. Michailidou asks for answers

The mother found the child crying outside the school, unattended.

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The intervention of the Commissioner for the Protection of the Rights of the Child, Despos Michailidou, was provoked by the complaint of a mother, based on which, her 9-year-old child was left out of school (attends private) and without supervision, as he delayed the negative result of rapid his test, which was performed in a chemist. The incident occurred in early December and the mother's complaint was published in "F". The Office of the Commissioner received the complaint from the mother and now, with her intervention, she immediately asks the Minister of Education to give instructions to the competent officials of his ministry, in order to inform Ms. Michailidou about the following:

>> If the minister was informed about the whole handling of the child's case by the school staff.

>> The schools were instructed on how to implement the measure. What arrangements were made or expected to be made by the school directorates to ensure the protection and safety of children in general and in this case, delay in submitting the result of the diagnostic test.

>> What instructions have been given to schools to handle cases where parents do not consent to a negative diagnostic test for their child.

It is recalled that based on the mother's complaint, the facts are as follows:

The mother and the child went to a private chemist in the morning for a diagnostic examination, where they assured her that she would soon receive the result by phone. Around 07:15 p.m. the mother, transported the child to school and according to her, informed the teacher who was examining the SafePass of the students, that very soon she will receive the result of the diagnostic examination and will inform the school about it. The mother went to work and in a short time received the result of the examination.

He contacted the school by phone, and they reportedly refused to be informed, with the mother asking where the child was and if he had entered the classroom. According to what he stated, he allegedly did not receive an answer, as a result of which he returned to the school where he found the child crying outside the school, without supervision. When the mother reported the incident to the school staff, the excuse given to her was that "everyone was busy".