A new point for research on Red Lake was marked

lake2 Mitsero crime, investigations

Police and Fire Brigade investigations resumed Monday morning at Kokkini Limni in Mitsero using the state-of-the-art sonar system that came from abroad last week and the high-definition robotic camera provided by a private company to the authorities. .

The aim is to locate the third suitcase, which according to the confession of the alleged perpetrator, contains another of its victims and was thrown into the lake.

lake Mitsero Crime, investigations

Today's investigations started at 08:30 and a new point was marked inside the Red Lake, where the investigations seem to be focused at the moment. At the same time, with the help of the Sonar system, another point was examined.

In the orange boat is the Sonar system and in the gray the screen
It is noted that an ambulance is on the scene.
At this time, the results of the robotic camera are expected, the findings will be evaluated and it will be decided whether a diver will dive.

The Director of the Fire Service, Markos Tragolas, has been on the scene since the morning, men of EMAK and the Fire Brigade, as in the previous days.

The human body, which was found yesterday Sunday, in the second travel suitcase was in a state of advanced decomposition, while according to information, the body that was located and retrieved belongs to a child, without however being confirmed by the Police.

The autopsy and the legal process on the body that was retrieved from the Red Lake, was completed shortly after 17:00 yesterday, while the body was transported to the morgue, where today the legal necropsy and other scientific examinations are expected to be performed.

lake3 Mitsero crime, investigations

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