Where are the investigations for Masia - Konstantinou

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The police investigations regarding the case of match-fixing, which is being investigated after written testimonies that emerged, are turning in two directions.

This is probably the first time that the Police is investigating such a case and has in its hands testimony from those directly involved, that is, it is not by hearing. Therefore, on the one hand, it will turn its attention to the disclosure of the telecommunication data of the two suspects, the president of Ayia Napa, Dimitris Masias, and the referee Andreas Konstantinos, in order to determine whether they had any contact between them and, on the other , will look for new testimonies that better "tie" the case.

The two suspects will be summoned in the coming days for questioning and to give their own explanations, while other football players are expected to be summoned to testify. At the same time, it is not ruled out that the former president of Ayia Napa, Costas Ilias, will be summoned to testify and document what he said publicly, who stated that "the games give them in the second category", excluding himself.

The Police expects a lot of help from the Red Button service set up by the Football Association and the 1460 line set up by the Police, to which football players have already given information, leaving tips for a pre-arranged match.

Also, the investigators of TAE Headquarters will receive the video of the match Othello Athienou - Ayia Napa, to see what exactly happened in the last minutes of the match. It is noted that so far no red file has been received for this match.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Justice, George Savvidis, stated yesterday that there are two ways through which such cases can be investigated. One way is to monitor telephone conversations. The other way is to break the law of silence.

In this case, he added, we had testimonies based on which the arrests were made. He said that he is informed about the case, while yesterday he personally informed the President of the Republic about the progress of the investigations. Mr. Savvidis reiterated the will and determination of the Government to clean football from foreign elements. "I want to assure, once again, that there is no way that any case can be covered up or covered, or that no case can proceed, or that no case can proceed where it should proceed, if the appropriate evidence is available," he concluded.

Meanwhile, the parliamentary representative of AKEL, George Loukaidis, stated yesterday that the complaints that have been made in relation to what is wrong with the Cypriot football and the need to rehabilitate it have created a favorable environment to create the conditions to start cleaning its "stable". Augeia ". As he said, yesterday's developments, with the arrests that have been made, seem to have given the impetus in this direction and he stressed that everyone should help to get rid of the Cypriot football field, to end impunity and to achieve its consolidation. football.

Source: philenews