A poem dedicated to his beloved was found in the pocket of Charalambos Mouskos

"His Last Song" was found cursed, to his beloved, Ariadne.

xaralampos mouskos eoka EOKA, POEM

On December 15, 1955, the EOKA fighter, Charalambos Mouskos, falls fighting.

Charalambos Mouskos was born in the village of Panagia, in the province of Paphos, on May 19, 1932. Before the start of the struggle, he was the director of the printing house of the Archdiocese, where he printed various leaflets about the struggle. He was also an executive of PEON and OHEN. At the beginning of the match, he took the position of team leader in the sabotage teams of Nicosia. The night the fight started, he took part in an attack on the General Secretariat. Due to his relationship with Archbishop Makarios, he was arrested in June 1955 on charges of possession of explosives. He managed to escape and take refuge in the mountains. When other guerrillas took refuge in the mountains, they formed the first guerrilla group called "Uranos" and led by Marco Drakos.

On December 15, 1955, Charalambos Mouskos, along with his rivals heroes Marco Draco, Andrea Zako, Charilao Michael, and four others, set up an ambush against a British military convoy at Mersinaki near the ancient Solos. The result was the death of an English soldier and Charalambos Mouskos. Andreas Zakos and Charilaos Michael were arrested with serious injuries, while Markos Drakos escaped with a head injury. He was the first EOKA fighter to fall during a battle. A bloody note with the words of Sofia Vembo was found in the pocket of Charalambos Mouskos: I love Greece but also you.

His funeral on December 17, took the form of a pan-Cypriot event, with crowds taking to the streets to transport the hero's coffin to Faneromeni. In today's Eleftherias Square, the procession was savagely attacked by British soldiers and Turkish "special police" who tried to disperse it using tear gas, batons and other means. From that day on, General Harting banned the funerals of the militants and ordered their burial in the imprisoned memorials.

In the pocket of Charalambos Mouskos was found the following poem, dedicated to his beloved Ariadne:

"I have closed two loves in my heart, the homeland one, and you the other,

two loves that have made me drunk, with the wine of glory and desire.

But now that my homeland is looking for me in the war, its voice is calling me,

My love for her is too much and I leave you, hello with a kiss.

Do not cry that I leave you and I will go to war,

do not be jealous that I love the other person very much.

Kiss me without regret, chase away every heartbeat,

your every desire is crazy and like a real Greek woman and you go to your homeland,

with the victory for the good ".

(The original note, as found on the part of the hero's heart, bloody).

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