The upward trend in fuel prices continues - Increases from today

Will the 2 euro barrier be broken?

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New increases are coming in fuel from today. Gas stations have already raised prices by 9 cents on 95-octane gasoline, 8 cents on 98-octane gasoline, 6 cents on diesel and 14 cents on heating oil.

Everything suggests that in a little while fuel prices will break the barrier of two euros per liter in Cyprus as well.

Yesterday (2/6), the Plenary Session of the Parliament unanimously passed a law to reduce the excise tax on fuel until September 30, submitted by YPOIK, in the form of urgent, while there had been an intense discussion on fuel prices.

According to the report, the proposal is expected to lead to a reduction in financial costs, which are borne by consumers and businesses, and is one of the measures being taken to mitigate the effects of the ongoing Ukrainian crisis.