Precision Rally in Cyprus - New increases in fuel

"No one can do anything to keep prices down even the service which is accused of not monitoring, its hands are tied"

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Fuel prices have taken a good turn, as increases have become a weekly, if not a daily, phenomenon, with consumers watching developments with concern.

The price of diesel is flirting with 2 euros, with the proposed price being at 1.97 cents, while the price of international oil is declining, falling to $ 113 a barrel.

The Representative of the Association of Gas Station Owners Christodoulos Christodoulou stated that "it will take 2-3 days for all services to complete their increases. We expect until tomorrow to announce another 1-2 companies and to stay one on Wednesday.

Specifically, it will increase by: 8 cents per liter in diesel, 11 cents per liter in heating oil, 11 cents per liter in kerosene.

In fact, in petrol, Mr. Christodoulou stated that we do not have increases, however he did not rule out the possibility that there may be next week.

He explained, however, that oil is what raises all product prices.

The average price of unleaded 95 octane is 1,80 cents per liter.

Unleaded 98 octane, the average price is 1,850 euros per liter.

The President of the Consumers' Association, Marios Drousiotis, stated that "no one can do anything to keep the prices down, even the service, which is accused of not monitoring, has its hands tied".