Famagusta Municipality: Increases every three days at gas stations - "We tell them to buy bicycles" (Video)

Andreas Iosif, who owns a gas station in Liopetri, spoke on the show "Mesimeri kai kati" about prices, increases, traffic and gasoline ... occupied

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Consumers and gas station owners are suffocating with the continuous increases in fuel. Crude oil is the one that determines the selling price and has clearly been affected by the War in Ukraine but also by the Arab countries that are taking advantage of the situation that has been created.

In response to the journalist Andris Flourentzou in the Sigma show "Mesimeri kai Kati", Andreas Iosif was hosted, who maintains a gas station in Liopetri in Famagusta.


The price of gasoline climbed to 1,825 (05) and 1,865 (98). According to Andreas Iosif, the oil is going to rise "unjustifiably" by another 0,08 and will reach 1,96.


Orders for price increases and changes are received by the company every morning before the gas station opens.

The companies receive loads every 15 days while the gas stations every three days accept orders to increase their fuel.

More specifically, Mr. Joseph, having in front of him the invoices, stated that on June 15, June 18 and June 22 there was an increase and change in fuel prices and asks the rhetorical question "How much fuel is sold and we receive cargo every three days?", Without to understand what is happening and why it is happening.


When asked by the journalist if the gas station owners have any profit from these increases, Mr. Joseph answered in the negative. "My profit is standard, it is around 0,05 per liter. "I used to give 44.000 euros and I had a profit of 2.000 euros from the cargo and now I give 70.000 euros to get a cargo and again 2.000 euros is my profit."

Clearly annoyed and dissatisfied with the situation, Mr. Joseph calls on those in charge, specifically the Consumer Protection, to answer the question "How can tax-free oil for two or three months be more expensive than taxed oil?" They constantly check and tell us that the prices are right. "How right is an invoice when its fuel, one has a tax and the other does not."

Addressing the presenter of the show, Christos Michalaros, Mr. Andreas Iosif went on to say that the answer that someone who asks this question will probably get is that "The government has donated 0,08 cents per liter to the taxpayers. But when you add 0,08 cents, the price does not even reach the tax-free level. "

To add then, wanting to inform the public that the government may have announced that it gave the consumer 0,08 cents but the one who did it in the end, were the gas station owners as they have not yet been credited how much, although 3 months have passed .

"I had around 120.000 liters and I have to get the 0,08 cents back, but let's see. And not just me, all the gas station owners. "


Asked about the traffic at his gas station, Mr. Joseph once again showed his indignation, saying that the traffic is reduced, to then add that the citizens go to work 4-4 while some are thinking of stopping work because it is not profitable to transport them to and from work. "We tell them to get bikes. "They pay more and the salary is the same."

"Most consumers put 20 euros. And as far as it goes. He can go to Sotira, get down and go with another, since the citizen has no more. It is a thing that can be seen in the financier. It's 20 euros and 10 euros. "


Regarding the "competition" with the prices of the occupied, Mr. Joseph stated that consumers are free to do what they want and of course to see their interest. I do not misunderstand, my price is in an obvious place, he sees it, if he wants to come in he puts it, well. "

He then stated that the fuel of the occupied areas is not the same as that provided by the gas stations in the free areas. "We talk to our engineers, the difference is huge, but the consumer no longer sees it that way."

* prices from June 22, 2022, Esso Liopetri gas station