The eight measures against the pandemic suggested by the Minister of Health for the coming months

They must be valid until January 15, 2021

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The Minister of Health proposes eight restrictive measures that must be in force until January 15. First the maximum number of gatherings to be set at 50 people. Marriages and baptisms are excluded, where the maximum number is 350 people, applying the protocol.

Secondly for the restaurants to continue to apply what is valid today. That is, to allow the service of 150 people indoors and 250 outdoors. The same rules as today should continue to apply in bars.

Fourth, it is suggested that the restaurants be closed at one in the morning, while the clubs remain closed.

The organization of concerts, festivals, festivals and exhibitions should continue to be banned. For theaters and cinemas, it is suggested that the regulations that are still in force continue to apply.

Finally, regarding the organization of conferences, and in this case to continue to apply the measures that are applied now. That is, there should be a limit to the maximum number of people participating and the distances between the delegates should be observed.

These measures will be considered next Wednesday
In his letter, Konstantinos Ioannou asks the members of the advisory scientific committee to study his suggestions and to take a position on them during the teleconference next Wednesday.

The measures proposed by the Minister of Health are based on the estimation that the pandemic will last at least until the middle of 2021, until the vaccine is available.
While the ECDC's suggestions for the application of restrictions were taken into account, especially with regard to mass gatherings.

Source: Ant1