Famagusta / Hatzipantela Hospital: "The Hemodialysis unit is a personal bet" (VIDEO)

Minister of Health: "Personal bet that the Hemodialysis Unit will end soon" - What he said about coronavirus and bird flu

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By the end of the year, the first phase of the new hemodialysis ward at Famagusta General Hospital will be completed, said the Minister of Health Michalis Hatzipantela. He also referred to the increase in coronavirus cases, as well as hospitalizations, while he said that before Christmas he will have a meeting on the matter with the epidemiologists. He also announced that a meeting will be held by the end of the week on the bird flu issue.

See the footage with the statements recorded by the lens of Famagusta.News:

"Personal bet to finish the Hemodialysis Unit soon"

In statements after a visit to Famagusta General Hospital, The Minister he said that "the purpose of the visit is that I made a personal bet that the new Hemodialysis Unit will be finished soon, I have been informed that the work is progressing normally but I want to see first hand how these works are going".

He added that "our goal is until the end of the year, at least the first phase, to be given to patients and to function normally without any problems. We are talking about a new unit with additional machines that will be able to serve the world without any problems".

Responding to a related question, the Minister said that "some of the machines have arrived and some others are expected by the end of the month".

Meeting on bird flu

Asked about the issue of bird flu, Mr. Hatzipantela replied that "in the next few days we will call a meeting at the Ministry of Health, we want to be informed about the steps taken by the Veterinary Services and if the Ministry needs to take any measures".

When asked whether other cases of bird flu have been detected, he replied that "we have not been informed but we will have a meeting by the end of the week at the Ministry of Health to find out".

Measures to increase cases of coronavirus

Asked about the increase in coronavirus cases in the community, the Minister of Health replied that "there is an increase, we also have an increase in hospitalizations in the last few days. The aim of my visit is to see how we are doing with the beds for hospitalizations at the Famagusta Hospital and if we have to take any measures to take them in time so that people are not affected".

Asked to state whether before Christmas he will also have a meeting with epidemiologists in view of the increase in coronavirus cases, the Minister said that "before Christmas we will have one more meeting but it has not been decided when it will take place".

Dr. Emilia Hatzigianni: 19 patients positive for the coronavirus are hospitalized

For her part, Amalia Hatzigianni, Scientific Director of the Larnaca - Famagusta Hospitals, said that "today we are treating 19 patients positive for the coronavirus, two of whom are in the Intensive Care Unit. There is a daily, but gradual increase in the admissions of patients with coronavirus, we are trying to give corresponding discharges so that we can serve the patients of both our province and the provinces of Larnaca and Nicosia".

In a question regarding the understaffing at the Famagusta Hospital, Ms. Hatzigianni replied that "there is a continuous redistribution of staff according to the needs of the COVID-19 clinic".

"The purists are satisfied"

Asked to report what is being done with the issue of blood cleaners in the free province of Famagusta, she said that "the blood cleaners had some problems and were somewhat unfair, however, after the intervention of the Ministry of Health, the expansion took place and they are relieved with the prospect of the new ward. Now the blood cleans are complacent, they saw that our promises are coming true, both in terms of buildings and with some machines that have arrived and are patient until the completion of the project and the move to the new ward" concluded Ms. Hatzigiannis.

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