Tatar: "The concept of a two-state solution in Cyprus must be adopted"

It is a waste of time for the federation to discuss a solution in Cyprus, says Ersin Tatar

tatr 260321 ERCIN TATAR, Occupied, Cypriot

"The two-state solution in Cyprus must be adopted," Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar said in a teleconference hosted by the Washington-based think tank Turkish Heritage Organization (THO).

According to the newspaper "Gunes", as reported by the Press and Information Office, Mr. Tatar said that, "we came to the conclusion that the discussion of the federation is now just a waste of time. We need to bring to the table a new concept and a new narrative. And this must be based on reality on the ground. "And the reality on the ground is the existence of two states."

Referring to the relationship between the pseudo-state and Turkey, Ersin Tatar said that Turkey is one of the most powerful countries in the region and if one looks at the map one sees the importance of Cyprus for the security of Turkey and the importance of Turkey for the security of the Turkish Cypriots.

Referring to the five-party conference to be held in Geneva on April 27-29, Tatar said that Turkey sincerely supports his stance on a two-state solution and added that they will bring this stance to the table together with Turkey.

Ersin Tatar said that the talks in Geneva would be informal and aimed at determining whether there is common ground for the start of formal talks, adding that the Turks and the Greeks are the co-founders of Cyprus and that this should be respected by the international community. .

The Turkish leader said that in case there is no result in Geneva, they will continue to explain to the world the "fair case" of the "tdbk" and to activate new economic sectors.

"The international community has not treated us fairly so far. Mother Turkey has always fully supported us. "If a solution is not possible, we will continue to fight for our human rights."

Source: KYPE