President: There is and will not be another basis for a solution to the Cyprus problem

The President of the Republic rejected the Turkish claims for a "two-state solution" as "absurd"

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The President of the Republic rejected as "absurd" the Turkish claims for a "two-state solution", stressing that "there is and will never be another basis for a solution to the Cyprus issue than that described by the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council" .

Speaking on Tuesday night in London at the event for the 90 years of the Greek Cypriot Brotherhood, President Christodoulidis also said that he is aware of the "unacceptable" Turkish positions on terms for the resumption of talks, namely "sovereign equality" and equal international status .

"The Turkish positions have been answered a long time ago. And they have been answered not only by each of the governments of the Republic of Cyprus. In fact, the Turkish demands have been persistently answered by the international community itself", said Mr. Christodoulidis in front of more than 180 members of the parish and British MPs.

"Illegalities stemming from invasion, use of force and occupation cannot be recognized, they cannot be legalized. For us there is no other option than to solve the Cyprus problem on the basis of the agreed framework", he noted.

The current state of affairs "can in no way constitute the future of Cyprus", he said and referred to the work since the first day he assumed the leadership of the country in a "methodical and consistent" way to give life to the peace process.

In this context, he welcomed the appointment of the UN Secretary-General's Personal Envoy as an "important message" from Mr. Guterres in favor of the "absolute need" to resume negotiations towards a mutually acceptable and fair solution.

He reiterated his personal commitment to the negotiation of a sustainable and comprehensive solution within the framework of the UN and EU authorities, a goal that is an "absolute priority" for him.

Referring to the role of the Brotherhood and summarizing its history, the President of the Republic conveyed the gratitude of the Cypriot Government and the Cypriot people for the "decisive contribution" of the parish organization to the struggle for a free and united Cyprus, but also to the promotion of bilateral relations Cyprus-U.S. Basilio.

In his introductory speech, Christos Karaolis, Vice-President of the Brotherhood (and President of the UK National Cypriot Federation) summarized the work of the now 90-year-old parochial organization, characterizing it as "a force of unity, across the political spectrum, for the diaspora".

He noted the presence at the event and the support of the friends of the British Parliament and the gratitude of the organization and the parish for the unwavering support from the President of the Republic.

"We participate in your tireless efforts to find a peaceful, functional and fair solution to the Cyprus problem on the basis of a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation," Christos Karaolis said, addressing Mr. Christodoulidis, despite Turkey's "tough and intransigent stance."

At the end of the event, President Christodoulidis was officially declared Patron of the Greek Cypriot Brotherhood, a move he said he accepts with honor and responsibility.

The same honor has been given to all the former Presidents of the Republic of Cyprus and to the blessed Archbishop of Cyprus Chrysostomos.

Earlier in the afternoon, Mr. Christodoulidis had a closed meeting with investors, fund managers and London businessmen, in a presentation of the attractive investment destination that Cyprus recommends. There had been previous contacts with international investment banks of the City.

The President of the Republic, accompanied by the Government Representative, the Deputy Minister to the President, the Director of the Office of the President of the Republic and officials, leaves on Wednesday morning for Brussels to attend the European Council.

Source: KYPE