Last flights to Cypriot airports today

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The latest flights, counted on the fingers of one hand, are waiting to be served today at Larnaca and Paphos airports, with all affected companies taking it for granted that they will roll down at least until the end of April, hoping to gradually resume in May. the machines. For the current 24 hours, only three arrivals and four departures of Larnaca airports and only two arrivals and four departures from Paphos are planned.

Even in these cases, the number of passengers coming is very small, although possibly in two flights, Aegean to Larnaca and Ryan air to Paphos, from Greek airports may have a certain number of passengers who have secured medical certificates or a short stay. so they will be allowed to board. As of today, there are no scheduled flights from Britain, which complicates the problems of Cypriots who have secured the required control certificate from abroad but no longer find a way to reach the island.

It should be noted that yesterday, a total of 20 aircraft arrivals (compared to more than 80 on a corresponding normal day). Most flights arrived without passengers or with a very small number of passengers. The purpose of these flights was to remove tourists and citizens of other countries for repatriation, mainly to Britain, Greece, Russia and Switzerland.

However, yesterday the disturbance started in the morning, on a flight that arrived at Larnaca airport from Qatar and transported 15 Cypriots, who returned from Nepal, Thailand, Oman and Vietnam. Eventually, their exit and transfer to isolation centers was settled. There was also concern from a second flight, an aircraft that eventually announced that it was carrying a small number of passengers. Flights of cargo planes - mainly flights from Athens and Germany - continue normally and yesterday five such arrivals took place at Larnaca airport.

At the same time, private jet flights are slowly dying, with the latest such flights expected today. According to the information of "F", the five private flights yesterday, arrived in Cyprus only with their crews and boarded their VIP passengers to transport them abroad.

All airline companies are looking for the best solutions, mainly through compensation plans for their staff from the state, as they effectively suspend work for at least 40 days. It should be noted that the air activity at the illegal airport of Tympos, where yesterday there were a total of 20 arrivals and departures compared to at least three times the number under normal conditions, has also decreased sharply.

In Fir Nicosia, overflights have been reduced by at least 50% as many airports and airlines close or restrict flights. In our neighborhood, Israel has cut its air links by almost half, and drastic restrictions are expected in the coming days from Lebanon.

Source: philenews