The 3 o'clock of the overthrow that brought Annita Speaker of Parliament

The proposal of DIPA and the reactions of the parties

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Only calm does not prevail in the political scene a few hours after the promotion of Annita Dimitriou to the highest office of Parliament. In the backstage consultations, the protagonists were, as it seemed, the majority of political parties.

The proposal of DIPA

DIPA's proposal for a consensual presidency of the Parliament by the two major parties was the main paper. This proposal was briefly wanted by Andros Kyprianou, Speaker of Parliament until the Presidential elections. If the election result of the upcoming presidential elections was the opposite of what we have today, ie AKEL ruling and DISY joining the opposition, then DISY would take the place of the Speaker of Parliament, as the opposition party with the largest percentage.

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According to what Giannos Lakkotrypis reported to RIK on Thursday night on behalf of DIPA, this proposal was widely accepted until 12.30. At 13.46, however, according to Mr. Lakkotrypis, a phone call came to the offices of DIPA from the General Secretary of AKEL. The phone call informed about the rejection of the proposal and since then for DIPA the proposal has ceased to be valid according to Mr. Lakkotrypis. The reason for the rejection, he said, was that EDEK did not consent.

For its part, EDEK and Kostis Efstathiou declare ignorance about the existence of this proposal. Speaking on state radio on Friday morning, Mr. Efstathiou clarified that for him, these transactions are part of background practices that should be eliminated in the framework of transparent procedures that should govern the work of parliament. He said that he was not aware of such a thing and that in the context of the party's democratic procedures they will be informed about it, by the party President. EDEK supported Nikola Papapdopoulos during the voting after it was deemed correct due to the fact that DIKO also supported Marinos Sizopoulos, said Mr. Efstathiou. =

Laconic was the position of the ruling party on the issue. On state radio Dimitris Dimitriou spoke, who said that at noon on Thursday during the meeting of the political office of the party they were informed that AKEL does not agree with the Karoyan proposal and therefore the said consensus proposal does not proceed. Sources from Pindarou, however, spoke, according to the SIGMA report, for a silent communication, even the last one, with a checkmate move.

DIKO claimed that the party did not engage in any kind of transaction with any party. This was stated by the MP of the party, Chrysis Pantelidis, who stressed that DIKO voted for EDEK and Marino Sizopoulos, since they had done the same in 2016 and thus considered that it was the right thing to do. Regarding the meetings that Mr. Papadopoulos had with AKEL and Andros Kyprianou, Mr. Pantelidis stressed that DIKO expected that AKEL would support the candidacy of Nikolas and that the opposite, that is, the support of DIKO to Andros would not take place since Mr. Kyprianou leaves while Mr. Papadopoulos remains active in politics and as President of the party.

The procedure followed yesterday during the voting of the new Speaker of Parliament, from the votes of the parties, was also commented by the DIKO MP and chairman as the oldest, Zacharias Koulias. Speaking on the "First Show" of Radio Proto, Mr. Koulias stated that after the turn of the Ecologists to AKEL, mathematics did not work out and Annita Dimitriou came out.

Commenting on the Karoyan proposal, Mr. Koulias said that it was a good technique that some people know very well. "It's our old sieve art. At DISY and AKEL, when they hear the rotations, their saliva runs. Things I think are deeper. The accompaniment of AKEL and DISY in the national issue is reflected in the decisive choices such as the office of Speaker of Parliament and the Republic, I do not think that in AKEL they do not know and can not diagnose what will happen. "" I think the choices were political "Our national issue is the background," he said. Asked if he was surprised by ELAM's turn towards DISY, Mr. Koulias did not answer at all. "It simply came to our notice then. It was obvious what would follow. "

"I find it a bit derogatory for people to characterize them by their gender. Women from the depths of history were renowned. We had Empresses, Goddesses, Saints. "Strong personalities are not characterized by their gender", he finally commented regarding the reports about Mrs. Annita Dimitriou.

He gave explanations for the support of the movement to Annita Dimitriou on Radio Proto and in the First Broadcast with Lazaros Mavros and Marios Poullados, Andreas Themistokleous on behalf of ELAM.

Commenting initially on the reports that ELAM is a crutch of DISY and Averoff said that for them there were two options. Either Mr. Andros Kyprianou or Annita Dimitriou would be elected. "We had decided that in no case would we allow AKEL to return to the Presidency of the Parliament for many reasons. First, because the General Secretary of AKEL in his meetings with Turkish officials said that he represents 1/3 of the Cypriot people. Imagine what he would say if he went to Turkey as Speaker of Parliament. Second, whenever AKEL gains power, it could restore the votes it lost in the elections. The third is that ELAM could not allow the return of AKEL because we do not want the return of AKEL for any reason "

Asked about the party's connection with the Golden Dawn of Greece, Mr. Themistocleous explained that, "every politician's cash on delivery belongs to him and is his story. At that time, the president of ELAM was young, it does not mean that Christos Christou is committed to any actions. The important thing for the Cypriot people is one. If the leadership of ELAM has been involved in any criminal act ".

Regarding the election process, Mr. Themistocleous described it as ridiculous, since according to him, the two most dominant in the first phase should go to the polls.

Source: Sigmalive