Loukaidis: We will appeal to the Electoral Court for the name (VIDEO)

AKEL will consult with all opposition parties except ELAM for the Presidency of the Parliament

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At noon and something, the Parliamentary Representative of AKEL, George Loukaidis, was hosted, who spoke about the next day at AKEL, but also about the possibility of questioning the election result.

He initially said that they have appealed to party members in all provinces in order to record the data of the election battle.

He then spoke about the possibility of claiming the position of General Secretary of AKEL, clarifying that there is nothing to be announced regarding the possibility of the re-election of Andros Kyprianou as party leader. "AKEL maintains a democratic process in terms of the promotion of the party's collective bodies."

He also explained that the party congress is electoral and a new central committee, a new political office and a secretariat will be elected.

Mr. Loukaidis also spoke about the Presidency of the Parliament, emphasizing that AKEL will consult with all opposition parties except ELAM. "We will discuss with an open mind and in a spirit of consensus."

Finally, he referred to the possibility of questioning the election result, pointing out that they want to claim what was taken away from them. "For 30 years AKEL was running in the elections under the name AKEL-Left-New Forces and with an opinion of a former Minister of the Government, we were banned. We will claim it to get it back. "

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Source: Sigmalive