Min. Justice: The recruitment of 259 firefighters is in the final stage

The recruitment of 259 new firefighters is in the final stage

pirosvestiki 8 Fire Department, Minister of Justice

In the final stage is the completion of the recruitment of 259 new firefighters who will be added to the existing capacity of the Fire Service, which currently numbers 680 members, said the Minister of Justice and Public Order, Marios Hartsiotis, in a greeting he addressed on Wednesday, at the graduation ceremony of the 27 Probationary Firefighters of Series No. 3, recruited on April 5, 2021.

Other 44 Probationary Firefighters of Series No. 4, who were hired on November 7, 2022, continue to attend Basic Training at the Cadet Firefighter School and are expected to complete all stages of the prescribed training in November 2025.

The Minister stated that the completion of the process for the recruitment of 259 new Firefighters is in the final stage, a number which, compared to the total strength of the Fire Service, which currently numbers approximately 680 members, is very large, "demonstrating the great effort which is paid on the one hand for the substantial reinforcement of the personnel of the Fire Service and on the other hand the reinforcement of the entire response system of the State to the increased requirements of fire safety and fire protection of the modern era", he said.

Mr. Hartsiotis said that the challenges of the Fire Service are constantly increasing, through a constantly changing environment, with rapid technological developments, large building development, and an increase in the frequency of natural and technological disasters that are becoming more and more intense as a result of the climate crisis . In this climate, the Minister said, the role of the Firefighter becomes even more important and difficult, more demanding and more dangerous.

"The Government has placed high on its priorities, the continuous strengthening and upgrading of the Fire Service, both in personnel and in terms of its logistical infrastructure and the firefighting fleet and equipment it has," he said.

He added that the upgrading, strengthening and modernization of the logistical infrastructure and equipment, combined with the continuous training of the staff, contribute, both to the improvement of the degree of response, and to the strengthening of the repressive capacity and potential of the Fire Service at the operational level, ensuring and strengthening at the same time, the feeling of security of the citizens.

"Citizens recognize and reward the work performed by the Fire Service every day," he said, adding that the high level and quality of services offered by the Fire Service to the citizens of the country will continue and be upgraded even more.

Noting that in a few days we will enter the new fire fighting season, he said that early preparation, proper operational planning and taking all appropriate preventive measures in cooperation with all the relevant Services are of crucial importance to prevent the occurrence of major fires.

"So I take this opportunity to invite you all to prepare properly, so that you are able to always be at the highest possible level of operational readiness, ready to respond successfully to the new demands of our time, always alongside the citizens of our country" , he told the Firefighters. At the same time, he expressed the hope that the human factor will not be the main source of causing fires again this year, stigmatizing the Cypriot countryside once again.

Source: KYPE