Thirteen fire crews were on foot throughout the night

Within an hour, the fire department received more than seventy calls

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On foot throughout the night, there were thirteen teams of the fire service, two of the civil defense and five teams of volunteer groups, in order to solve the serious problems that arose due to the storm that hit the capital yesterday afternoon.

Within an hour, the fire brigade received more than seventy calls, which mostly concerned flooded houses, basements and other properties, as well as the opening of rainwater drains, mainly in Strovolo, Latsia, Cheri and Aglantzia.

Due to the heavy rain and hail, a number of vehicles were stopped in the middle of the road, fortunately without endangering lives.

Main arterial roads in the capital turned into rivers, as a result of which the traffic of vehicles was difficult for several hours.

Crews from the affected municipalities are also working to restore traffic and solve the problems caused.

At one o'clock the Cypriots managed to cut off the mutt of Lent.

It is recalled that the Department of Meteorology has issued a yellow warning for strong storms and hail until six in the afternoon.


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Source: riknews