Foreign Ministry: No corridor to Gaza without Israel's consent

Screenshot 2 3 Konstantinos Kombos, MINISTER OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS

The security of humanitarian aid to Gaza is intertwined with the security of Israel, without whose consent there can be no corridor, Foreign Minister Constantinos Kopos said on Friday, speaking to media representatives about the Republic of Cyprus's initiative to creation of a sea humanitarian corridor to Gaza.
As Mr. Kombos said, the effort of the Republic of Cyprus to create a maritime corridor for the transfer of humanitarian aid to Gaza continues, a corridor of a safe nature, fully guaranteed departure and passage, high flow and dense frequency.

He added that the country participated constructively from the beginning in a discussion that should concern the entire international community, proving that it is an active part of the region that contributes with positive and constructive proposals.

He added that the methodology used is based on the comparative advantages of geographical proximity, an existing even infrastructure network, good neighborly relations with the countries of the region and a relationship of political trust with Israel, which, he said, has been building for years and did not emerge situationally in recent weeks.

He also said that meetings were held with EU member states, institutions, states in the region and international organizations to formulate an approach that takes into account the positions, concerns and proposals of each interlocutor.

He indicated that the aid will follow one direction, starting with the Republic of Cyprus and will not concern persons but exclusively goods.

"The security of the cargo is intertwined with the security of Israel, without whose consent there can be no corridor," underlined Mr. Kombos, adding that Cyprus is in constant contact with Israel, with a technical team passing through during the week in Israel, while the Minister of Foreign Affairs himself visited the country yesterday, having meetings with both the President and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel.

As he mentioned, during the contacts it was agreed to create a structured dialogue with working groups of an interdepartmental nature, adding that objectively and realistically the developments are the ones that will affect the effort, as well as the issue of timing, but also the synchronization of will and events.

"There is still a way to go and given uncertainty. We will continue our efforts actively, methodically and with extroversion", Mr. Kombos concluded.

Technical teams are being formed, sources said

Besides, as sources from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs told KYPE, following the visit of Mr. Kobos to Israel on Thursday, it was decided to set up technical groups, which enter into a dialogue on all aspects of the proposal, especially on issues related to the in which Israel is expected to have strong opinions, with the aim of reaching a plan that will be shaped according to the wishes of the other side.

They also noted that for several days inter-agency meetings and discussions have started on the Cypriot side with the aim of examining the various aspects of the point of departure, so that the transfer of aid can be implemented immediately if necessary.

In addition, the same sources emphasized that the outcome of the initiative does not depend on the Cypriot side, but on the evolution of the war on the ground, as well as on Israel's political and internal security issues, however the important thing is that the Republic of Cyprus has submitted a cautious proposal that is at the center of international debates, was highlighted in this regard.

Regarding the possibility of population evacuation from the area, the sources of the Ministry clarified that the Republic of Cyprus is not going to assist the evacuation of population from Gaza, but is prepared with the assistance of more than 30 countries located in Cyprus to help with evacuations of more than 100.000 citizens of third countries through the island as part of the Home project.

Source: KYPE