"They cut her throat in front of my eyes"

CEB1 374 News

CEB1 374 News

Pope Francis today denounced "concentration camps" for refugees during a "Christian martyr" ceremony in memory of the priest Jean Amel, who was assassinated by jihadists in the church of Saint-Etienne-di-Rouvre in 2016.

 Deviating from the written text of his speech, the pope criticized "these refugee camps - many of which are numerous concentration camps - because of international agreements that seem more important than human rights" and told the story told to him by a Muslim refugee. , a father of three who met him in a refugee camp in Greece, who confided in him that he saw his wife cut her throat in front of him.

"He looked at me and said, 'Father, I am a Muslim and my wife was a Christian.' We were terrified in our country αν They saw a cross and told her to throw it at them. As she refused, her throat was cut in front of my eyes. "We loved each other so much," he told the pope.

"I do not know what happened to him. "If he managed to get out of this concentration camp to go elsewhere," the pope concluded.

 Source: KYPE