A frustrated coffee owner charges more to rude customers!

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A "please" drops the price of coffee in half

At a time when rudeness tends to be established as a means of communication, there are people who struggle not to let it go.

Like Austin Simms, an American coffee owner in Virginia, who got tired of his customers' rudeness and said to get things back on track using the world's oldest trick: over-indebtedness!

So he put a sign outside the store informing the patrons that the price of coffee is proportional to the way you order it: "a little coffee" costs $ 5, "a little coffee please" costs $ 3, while "hello" , I would like a little coffee please "makes just $ 1,75.


"I decided to do it because I wanted to solve all these injustices in the world, starting to charge more to people who do not take the time to say hello and do not recognize that we are the people behind the counter," Simms told local WDBJ station.

If he catches his trick and politeness is generalized in the city, it will be seen…